R o b i n T r a v i s P h o t o g r a p h y
ABOUT ROBIN TRAVIS Robin was born in Mansfield, Ohio and is now a resident of Carson City, Nevada. Robin has a wonderful Midwestern personality and embraces life to the fullest. When you see her photography you are provided the opportunity to live life in the moment and enjoy the landscapes and many subjects in a very warm and approachable way. You will welcome her images in your home because they will touch your soul and provide a constant source of inspiration. "With a boundless energy she documents the beauty of life with the utmost respect and appreciation" Her work is displayed in the The Brewery Arts Center at 499 W King Street and the Nevada Day Store at 108 W Telegraph Street in Carson City, Nevada. For more information, you can fill out the contact form or you can reach out to her on her Facebook page.

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